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Which Part of the Sales Funnel Should Your Law Firm’s Blog Target?

As long as you have been writing, you have heard the maxim “know your audience,” and as soon as you resolved to add a blog to your law firm’s website, you have known that the target audience of your blog is prospective clients of your law firm. The point in your prospective clients’ lives when you want them to see your site depends on how you choose topics for blog posts, though.

Your current clients were prospective clients 30 seconds before they clicked on your office’s phone number to set up a consultation and 30 seconds before they clicked the contact form on your website. They were also your prospective clients when they first encountered the problem that would lead them to hire you. They were even your prospective clients before they encountered that problem. In other words, if you are a personal injury lawyer, your clients were your prospective clients before and after they got injured. If you re a divorce lawyer, your clients were your prospective clients before and after they separated from their spouses. The sales funnel is a marketing concept that enables you to send your message to prospective clients at all stages of their journey to becoming current clients.

Top of Funnel: Your Blog

The top of the funnel is people who do not have an immediate need for your services. Your blog is a great way to inform the general public about laws and cases related to your practice area. An effective way to draw in a wide variety of readers is to write about current events and include a discussion of how the law relates to them. For example, a criminal defense blog can include posts about recent arrests and verdicts, and a family law blog can include news about famous people’s divorces and co-parenting arrangements. People will read your blog simply because they are interested in following the news, and in the process, they will learn new things about the law. They will remember your site in the future if they need to hire a lawyer.

Middle of Funnel: Your Content Pages

The middle of the funnel is people who want to hire a lawyer in your practice area but have not decided which lawyer to hire. They are researching their legal issue so they can ask the right questions when they have a consultation with a lawyer. If you are a divorce lawyer, they are people who plan to divorce, and if you are a personal injury lawyer, they are people who have been injured in accidents and are struggling to pay their medical bills. The content pages on your site should contain detailed information about the laws and legal processes related to your prospective clients’ problems. These are pillar pages; your clients may read them multiple times before and after hiring you.

Bottom of Funnel: Your Reputation

Your website, even if it is excellent, is probably not the deciding factor in whether a client hires you instead of another lawyer in your city. They will probably base that decision on your reputation, which they will gauge through word-of-mouth or online reviews. To maximize bottom-of-funnel conversion, focus on providing the best services you can to your current clients.

Hire Legal Content Writers

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