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Quick SEO Keyword Research Experiments For Legal Writing Strategy

According to the Pomodoro method, the average adult’s attention span is about 25 minutes, at least when it comes to focusing on a productive task. Now that more than two thirds of the U.S. population are under orders to stay home, lawyers throughout the country are struggling to block out distractions while working from home. Even when you do find an uninterrupted half hour to focus on your cases, you need to take a short break before your next burst of productivity.

It is probably tempting to check the latest statistics about the number of COVID-19 cases in your county or state and the pandemic’s effects on the local and national economy. These days, it’s mostly bad news, but there is another way to get your fix for graphs and statistics between productive tasks. You can do SEO keyword research to give your ideas about the best digital legal marketing strategy for your law firm.

Research Keywords Now, Implement Your Content Marketing Strategy Later

Britney Muller of Moz describes it as the lazy writer’s approach to keyword research, but all the techniques she recommends are very effective ways of gathering useful information for your content marketing strategy. The exploratory techniques Muller recommends are so much fun that they don’t feel like work. It feels like Facebook stalking your target audience and competitor law firms. Some of her recommendations require you to download analytics apps, but most of these apps are free or inexpensive.

· Google Suggest – Type a very generic search query, and see what Google suggests. She demonstrates with wedding industry keywords; for example, “wedding a” can lead to suggestions like “wedding appetizers” and “wedding accessories,” while “wedding b” can yield “wedding bands” and “wedding bouquets.” By typing “child custody a,” you find suggestions like “child custody agreement,” child custody amendment,” and “child custody alienation of affection.” Write the suggestions down or save them in a spreadsheet so you can write or commission blog posts about them later.

· Answer the Public – The Answer the Public site shows you the questions users most often ask about the topic you enter. If one of your quarantine projects is to make an FAQ page for your law firm’s website, Answer the Public will help you get started.

· SimilarWeb – This website shows you the most popular pages on your competitors’ websites. Compare them to the traffic on your site’s various pages, and you have a new goal, making your pages rank about your competitors’.

Hire Legal Content Writers

Researching SEO keywords for your law firm’s website does not take a lot of time or technical expertise. Writing effective web content, however, is more time-consuming. The stress of more deadlines and more work that requires intense concentration is the last thing you need. You can count on Law Blog Writers to turn your SEO keyword research meanderings into website content that will help you achieve your content marketing goals while you concentrate on surviving the pandemic.


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