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Law Firm Marketing: The Human Connection

Most states and cities have relaxed their stay-at-home orders, but we are a long way from going back to the old patterns of interaction for business and social occasions. People are craving a human connection. Since virtual meetings are the new normal, your opportunities to make a good impression in person will be limited for the foreseeable future. The attorney-client relationship really begins when clients feel like they are getting to know you; Duncan Shaw calls it “surfacing your law firm’s intellectual capital.” Building a rapport with clients is an essential part of law firm marketing; here are some ways to use your law firm’s website and digital communications to connect with clients on a human level.

Attorney Bios on Your Law Firm’s Website

Marketing advice for business websites often focuses on landing pages directly connected to a prospective client’s search query, but where the prospective clients click after they reach the landing page is just as important for conversion from Google seeker to client of your law firm. Once prospective clients find themselves on a law firm’s website, they often click around the site to find out more about the law firm. Many visitors’ first step, after reaching the landing page, is to click on the heading that leads to the bios of the firm’s attorneys. It might be labeled “attorneys,” “our team,” or something similar.

This is your chance to give readers a feeling for what you are like as a person. Some lawyers, in an attempt to forge a human connection, will just have a boring bio that lists their qualifications and accomplishments, followed by one sentence of small talk about their favorite sports team, dog breed, or dessert. This does not create a meaningful connection. Instead, be specific about what got you interested in the legal profession, your practice area, and your city. For example, if you are a family law attorney who decided to go to law school when you were a single mom who needed to use your rehabilitative alimony to build a new career, then tell this to your clients.

True Stories of Your Cases

Many law firm websites contain client testimonials, but they are not much fun to read or watch; they just sound like advertisements. Instead, you should write about cases you have won. Don’t just say, “my client got a settlement of X amount of money, and you can, too!” Instead, talk about the laws that influenced the court’s decision and what you as a lawyer did to build a strong case.

Connecting with Prospective Clients by Email

When visitors to your site fill out a contact form, they input their email addresses. Use these addresses to build an email list, and send out newsletters. These don’t have to be very long; they can mostly be links to news relevant to your practice area, with a few comments from you.

No Time to Write - Hire Legal Content Writers

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