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Law Firm Marketing 90 Days at a Time

This month, millions of Americans have made the resolution to quit eating carbs. Only a small fraction of them will be able to stick to that resolution all the way to 2022. A greater number of them will be able to make it 90 days. The ones most likely to succeed in keeping their resolutions are the ones who set their goals with a shorter time limit. For example, maybe they resolved to give up carbs until their son’s birthday at the end of March; at that time, they might enjoy the dinner rolls and the birthday cake, then go back to their low carb diet, they might decide to allow themselves to eat carbs until Tax Day, or they might decide that the birthday cake doesn’t tempt them at all.

The point is that it is easier to stick to a 90-day plan than a yearlong one. This is as true of marketing goals for your law firm as it is for personal New Year’s resolutions. Best of all, it allows you to assess business trends as they change. In 2021, expecting your plans to stay the same for the whole year is foolish. If you decide to try out three months of professionally written blog content for your law firm’s website, the best legal blog writers you can choose are the ones at Law Blog Writers.

90-Day Marketing Strategies for the First Quarter of 2021

Now that the COVID-19 vaccines have arrived, we might be able to gather with our families in person this coming Thanksgiving. The high school graduating class of 2021 might even be able to receive their diplomas from the school principal as they walk across the stage. For the next few months, though, we are still in pandemic mode. Therefore, you should make your marketing plan for the first quarter of 2021 on the assumption that your practice will be as socially distanced as it is now. In many parts of the country, that means that all your meetings with clients and all your court appearances are virtual.

Still, it’s a great time to try something new. Here are some ideas for new quarter’s resolutions for your law firm’s blog:

· If your law firm doesn’t already have a blog (podcast, YouTube channel, Twitter account, etc.), start one and see how much it helps business.

· Write a blog post a day for 90 days. If you publish them one a week, this means you will have almost two years’ worth of blog content by the end of March.

· Better yet, write and publish a blog post each day in the first quarter, and see with your own eyes how updating your blog with maximum frequency affects your bottom line.

Try Professionally Written Blog Content for a Quarter

Even if 2020 gave you coal in your stocking, the best you can give your law firm in 2021 is a blog that boosts your organic SEO rankings and enhances your reputation. The legal blog content writers at Law Blog Writers provide custom-written blog content that will make blogging a marketing strategy you stick with year after year.


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