Your first response to the suggestion to incorporate email marketing into your law firm marketing strategy might be one of dismissiveness. After all, promotional emails are so numerous these days that some major email platforms automatically filter them out. If you don’t want to be reminded of the tempting foods that are two for one at your favorite restaurant or of that high-end clothing store where you once bought work clothes that you can no longer fit into, all you have to do is not click on the promotions tab of your email inbox. Do you really want to put effort into creating emails that people are going to ignore?

If this is your reaction, then take comfort in the fact that email marketing for law firms is very different from the gimmicky, spammy emails you get from businesses that are trying to get you to make a purchase today. In fact, you shouldn’t think of it as email marketing; instead, think of it as an email newsletter. Even better, if your law firm’s website already includes professionally written legal blog content, then you are more than halfway to delivering an effective email newsletter to current and future clients.

Anatomy of a Law Firm Email Newsletter

The good news about email marketing newsletters is how much they keep your target audience thinking about you, and the better news is how little effort it requires to send them. The recipients of your newsletter are people with whom you are already in contact by email, so the newsletter goes to their primary email inbox instead of getting diverted to the promotions folder. The following people are automatically part of your email list:

· Current and previous clients

· People who have filled out contact forms on your website

· Colleagues with whom you have previously exchanged emails

Your email newsletter isn’t going to convince these people that they need a lawyer, but that isn’t its purpose. It is to get them to engage with your site, share your content, and simply stay in contact. Once per month is the ideal timetable for sending your newsletter.

Creating and sending an email newsletter does not require a large chunk of your marketing budget. Once you subscribe to an email newsletter platform, the newsletter itself will not cost you anything. You can assign responsibility for it to your administrative staff or to your interns, if you have them. Using a template that comes with the email marketing platform is easy and does not add any cost. Best of all, you don’t even need to create content specifically from your newsletter. You can just share existing blog posts or videos that your law firm has made. The result is that people will view your newsletter as some much-needed “non-stressful stuff to read” when they open their email in the morning.

Blog Posts So Good You Will Want to Share Them in Your Email Newsletter

The legal content writers at Law Blog Writers will create eminently shareable blog content for you to post on your law firm’s website and distribute in your email newsletter.

If you approach law firm marketing with the idea that you are going to get rich quick, you are setting yourself up for disappointment. Choosing a marketing strategy is not just about jumping on the bandwagon to follow the latest trend. Your goal is not to achieve 15 minutes of fame; this approach simply does not work in the legal profession. Your practice area, no matter how much media coverage it gets because of its relationship to current events, you are not going to go from zero to superstar overnight.

Even if the First Lady of the United States files for divorce, your family law firm’s YouTube videos are not going to break the record set by “Gangnam Style” in 2012, and even if they did, how many of those viewers who clicked on your irresistibly entertaining video would become new clients? In law firm marketing you should focus on strategies that will continue to pay off over a long period of time. Professionally written blog content for your law firm’s website is one of the most valuable investments you can make in your marketing strategy.

When the Investment Curve and the Return Curve Intersect

According to Tom Nixon of Harrington Communications, you should base your marketing decisions on how you expect the return on investment to be a year or more in the future. Any marketing effort worth its salt has startup costs, even if it only costs time. By this he means that the lawyers will need to spend some time planning and implementing the marketing endeavor, and that time could otherwise have been spent as billable hours.

Even the snazziest video, most shareable ad campaign, or sweetest holiday cards will not result in prospective clients clamoring outside your law office the next day. Especially with evergreen content that stays relevant, once you post an informative blog post, for example, it continues to do its job for years to come and to generate leads, and you will not have to spend a penny on it beyond the flat fee you paid the content writer to write it. In other words, the return curve continues to trend up, even as the investment curve drops off.

How Much Importance Should You Give to Analytics?

Analytics regarding the SEO performance of your content are not, by themselves, a foolproof predictor of return on investment. They can, however, give you a feel-good boost about how many people are seeing your content and are likely to see it in the future. Ranking highly on SEO is not the end goal, but it is certainly a reason to be proud and encouraged that you are doing something right with marketing.

Top Notch Legal Blog Content Will Pay Dividends for Years to Come

Regularly updating the blog on your law firm’s website will benefit your business in many ways. Choosing the legal content writers at Law Blog Writers to compose blog content for your site will help you bring in new clients for years to come.

‘Tis the season for getting out of unhappy relationships, even if they have lasted a long time. As every family law attorney knows, more people file for divorce on the first Monday in January than on any other day of the year, but those relationships fell apart long before then, and the couple probably made the decision to divorce sometime around this time of year.

It might also be time to break up with your law firm marketing strategy. Some techniques, such as frequently updating your blog with well-written legal blog content, are built to last, but other strategies are probably holding you back. Here are three law firm marketing approaches to swipe left on this fall.

The Ghost: Ignoring Your Existing Clients

No one likes to be ghosted after feeling a connection with someone. When you fail to contact a former client after resolving their case, you are doing just that. According to Spotlight Branding, 83 percent of law firm clients are satisfied enough with their attorneys’ work that they would recommend the attorney to a friend or colleague who needed similar services, but only 29 percent actually make the referrals. You can increase your percentage of word of mouth referrals simply by reminding your previous clients that you exist. The message that it sends when your former clients receive an email or card from you during the holidays is not, “I hope you get another work injury” or “I hope you get another divorce.” It is “I hope you refer me to someone else that I can help.”

The Tech Bro: Focusing Too Much on SEO

It is exhilarating to be able to explain seemingly abstract phenomena through numerical data. It is truly impressive that artificial intelligence has improved to the point that search engines can guess what we want based on our search queries as well as they can. Despite that, when you focus too much on SEO and its latest algorithms, you lose sight of the big picture. This fall, it’s time to dump the marketing strategy that focuses only on following the latest fads to stay at the top of the organic search results. These strategies lose sight of the human side of your marketing efforts, where numbers alone cannot explain your effectiveness. This year, don’t worry just about how much to engage with your target audience and focus on quality instead of quantity.

The Egomaniac: Conflating Your Personal Image with Your Brand Image

The goal of your marketing efforts is not to make people think you are awesome. You are not a social media influencer. Your personality is not what makes you a good lawyer, or at least, it is not the only thing. Your marketing content should be focused on clients and how you could help them, not on how interesting you are.

Law Blog Writers Helps You Build Lasting Relationships with Clients

At Law Blog Writers, we help lawyers focus on the big picture regarding legal content marketing. Contact us today to find out how we can help your law firm.