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The Best Ways to Spend $1,000 on Law Firm Marketing

During the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, businesses all around the country, as well as many schools and universities, have temporarily closed. Millions of American workers are on leave from work, many of them without pay. News reports have announced that the federal government plans to send $1,000 to every American. Although it remains to be seen how much money each person will receive and when they will receive it, it is enough to make anyone, lawyers included, think about what they would do with an additional $1,000 in their budget. Articles written before the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, whether meant as advice on law firm marketing, or simply on personal finance, indicate that investing in content for your law firm’s website is a good use of an economic stimulus in the triple or low quadruple digits.

An Interesting Blog Can Stop Tire Kickers from Wasting Your Time

In an article on Lawyerist, Randall Ryder encourages writers to spend money on marketing (unaware of the impending COVID-19 stimulus, he actually recommends $1,000) in the hopes that it will attract phone calls, but he cautions that some of those phone calls might be “tire kickers.” Tire kickers are prospective customers who take up a lot of your time with endless questions but don’t actually hire you. With a law firm blog, you can address all sorts of frequently asked questions and issues related to your practice area in detail. The tire kickers can spend all day clicking on various posts and pages on your site, and everyone wins. They will find answers to their questions, and your site will get meaningful, SEO-boosting clicks. The people who really want to hire you will fill out your contact form.

E-Books as a Marketing Tool

Kiplinger is a personal finance site; its target audience is not law firms, nor even businesses in general. In its article on how to invest $1,000 wisely, one of the suggestions is to self-publish a book. E-books, which customers pay to download, are a popular marketing strategy for businesses that deal in services. Your website should be transparent enough that visitors can find the information they need in a single click, and an e-book does not replace the free content. The e-book should be something extra for readers who really want to know details. It can describe landmark cases in your practice area, in terms that non-lawyers can understand. Parts of it can draw their inspiration from posts on your blog, except that an e-book is something you read offline. You can even hire professional content writers to write the text of the e-book, if you are too pressed for time even to write a single blog legal post.

Get Help - Hire Legal Content Writers

Whether you want a few blog posts or a whole e-book, content marketing is a wise investment. You can count on Law Blog Writers to satisfy the curiosity of tire kickers and direct serious inquiries to your inbox or phone lines.


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