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Is It Tacky for Law Firms to Publish Holiday-Themed Blog Content?

For some types of businesses, the holidays are peak season, so it would be foolish not to publish promotional content on your website for the holidays. Local bakeries would be losing out on a lot of revenue if they did not talk up their Christmas tree-shaped cakes, their cupcakes decorated to look like pumpkins and spiders, and, in certain parts of the country, their Mardi Gras king cakes. Photography studios have to pull out all the stops to compete with each other in November as families get professional photos taken for their Christmas cards. Law firms do tend to see an increase in certain types of cases around the holidays, but anyone who contacts a law firm is not looking for clever advertisements that will convince them to make a purchase. Clients only contact law firms because they have suffered heavy financial losses or are in danger of suffering such losses, or because they are injured, have recently lost a family member, are facing criminal charges, or are going through a family crisis such as divorce or a troubled co-parenting arrangement. Seasonal legal blog content can be effective at engaging prospective clients’ attention and for SEO purposes, but it is important to keep things professional.

Holiday Legal Blog Content Dos and Don’ts

If you are a personal injury lawyer and you publish posts with titles like “Trade in Your Santa Suit for a Lawsuit,” the ghost of Jacob Marley will show up at your door faster than you can say, “Good afternoon.” It is a better idea to take it easy with the holiday-themed gimmicks and, instead, think about the kinds of inquiries you tend to get most of during the holidays, and to publish posts related to those legal issues. Here are some examples:

· Family law – Post content about the holiday-specific provisions of parenting plans and about co-parenting during the holidays. Also post content about Divorce Monday and the legal advantages to initiating your divorce at the beginning of the calendar year.

· Criminal defense – Post content about criminal charges that are most common during the holidays, such as DUI and domestic violence, and possible defenses to them.

· Personal injury – Post content about alcohol-related car accidents and premises liability (such as slip and fall accidents in retail stores). Focus on the legal remedies available to people injured in these kinds of accidents.

· Estate planning – Talk about estate planning as a New Year’s resolution. In December, remind readers of the annual gift tax exclusion, as many retirees give cash gifts to their adult children instead of stocking stuffers.

In other words, the purpose of your blog remains the same throughout the year, namely to inform prospective clients and the public about the laws and about their legal rights.

You Can Go Caroling While Professional Content Writers Write Your Holiday-Themed Blog Content

The professional legal content writers at Law Blog Writers will compose custom-written posts, as seasonal or as evergreen as you choose, for your law firm’s blog.


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