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The Age-Old Question of How Often to Update Your Law Firm’s Blog

A brief overview of search engine optimization (SEO) principles for business websites will tell you that one of Google’s criteria for assigning a ranking to your site is the frequency of updates to your site. The target for frequency of updates varies widely from one industry to another; for example, ecommerce sites add new product listings and promotional offers several times per day, but that strategy is not practical for law firms. It simply doesn’t make sense to post an announcement on your site that says, “Sue by midnight and get a 20 percent discount on your attorney’s fees,” only to replace it the next day with a message of congratulations to all the people who filed lawsuits the previous day. For law firm websites, updating the site is synonymous with adding new posts to your site’s blog, especially after you have already written separate content pages for the various types of cases your law firm takes. Frequently updating your site with informative legal blog content can give your website the SEO boost it needs.

Blog Posting Frequency Is Relative

According to Neil Patel, Huffington Post, which is one of the most widely read blogs in the world, adds new posts at a rate that exceeds one blog post per minute. It is both unrealistic and pointless for a local law firm to post thousands of blog posts per day, even if you were to enlist dozens of chatbots to write them. With law firm blog posts, quality should take precedence over quantity. Adding new posts every day will not help your SEO rankings if the posts are simply spun versions of each other, or if they are mostly filler and fluff that you composed for no purpose other than to include keywords and meet a word count target.

If you want to find out how many blogs you should post, look at your competitors’ sites, and then one-up them. If the site that ranks above yours posts one blog per month, post two, and if it posts two, you should post three. If it posts three posts per week, you should post four.

Lazy but Brilliant Ways to Increase Your Posting Frequency

Write a new post every week, or even more than one post, sounds completely overwhelming if you are already swamped with work, which most employees at small law firms are. The good news is that you can get SEO points for updating your site without writing completely new posts. Simply making a few edits to one of your existing posts and then clicking “publish” also counts. Even adding a new paragraph to a content page, such as one that addresses a law or court decision that was enacted or issued more recently than when you first wrote the content page, will give you an SEO boost.

Pick a Number, and Law Blog Writers Will Write That Many Blog Posts

The professional legal content writers at Law Blog Writers will write as many or as few blog posts as your law firm’s website needs.


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