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Legal Blogging in Crisis Mode: Fast, Effective Blog Post Ideas

As stay-at-home orders enter their third month in some states, even the most disciplined, productive people are at loose ends. Meeting with your clients on video chat is exhausting, but even more exhausting is the thought that collecting payment from them has now become a question of “if” instead of “when.” For small law firms, as for any small business, every little bit helps in getting through the leanest parts of the COVID-19 crisis.

That means that any inquiry from a prospective client through your website is worth the effort. While online marketing fads come and go as quickly as the preferred social media platforms of the young generation change, frequently updated blogs are a tried and true way of keeping law firm websites relevant. Here are some ideas for blog posts that don’t require a lot of background research but will keep readers interested and give you a chance to make a good impression on prospective clients.

Blog Post Ideas for Lawyers Exhausted from Working at Home

Like everyone else in the age of COVID-19, you are exhausted from doing everything and nothing at the same time and from worrying about how much worse things will get before they get better. You don’t have time to research keywords and work them into natural-sounding prose. You don’t have time to read through hundreds of pages of court decisions not directly related to your current cases. You certainly don’t have time to pay for a shiny new analytics software or an online SEO course. These are some ideas for blog posts that you can write in a single Pomodoro session, in those quiet 25 minutes between when your kids go to bed and when you crash for the night.

· Paraphrases of blog posts on other law firms’ websites

· Listicles about the most famous cases in your practice area (so famous you can write a paragraph about them from memory)

· Listicles about movies in which the laws of your practice area are plot points

· Current news stories and your perspective on them, as a lawyer in your practice area

· Lists of the biggest mistakes clients make in legal cases in your practice area

· Listicles about the forms people must file with the court for actions related to your practice area (such as uncontested divorce, voluntary declaration of paternity, or evicting a tenant, for example)

Writing goes more quickly if you plan and write preliminary notes, take a short or long break, and then write. Therefore, you should spend your first late night Pomodoro session jotting down blog post ideas and subsequent sessions composing individual posts.

Contact Legal Content Writers

If the thought of writing blog posts for your law firm while working from home makes you even more tired, you can entrust the process to professional legal writers who find the blogging process invigorating. You can count

on Law Blog Writers to create blog content that fits the spirit of the times.


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