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Lead Generation for Law Firms: A Guide for Socially Distancing Lawyers

Where are your next ten new clients? Chances are, all of them are at home doing Google searches on their phones. Two months ago, they were at work, socializing, and commuting, while also doing Google searches on their phones. Now they are at home with a new set of legal questions and, most likely, very little extra money to pay a lawyer in the near future. Law firms are not ecommerce sites, and some lawyers might even take offense at the idea that their sincere pursuit of the truth can be bought and sold. Therefore, you should not worry about marketing your law firm during the age of social distancing, at least not in the old-fashioned sense of plastering your portrait on billboards and putting in a good word for yourself. Instead, you should concentrate on lead generation, the art and science of getting people to contact your law firm.

Tried and True Lead Generation Techniques

The most important lead generation strategies are the ones generally accepted as good business practices:

· Have a non-annoying website – Stay away from gimmicky themes and distracting animations, and make sure your website loads quickly and displays well on mobile devices. Whatever you do, don’t have a chatbot posing as a stock photo of a model in business formal clothing pop up as soon as users visit the page.

· SEO – Pay attention to the content of your website as well as the parts not visible to visitors. It is worthwhile to hire a professional digital marketing firm build your website.

· Genuine word-of-mouth recommendations online and offline.

· Referrals from colleagues – The best way to get referrals is to give them. Of course, you should only refer clients to colleagues you think can help them. This is a great reason to get on Skype with other lawyers in your city just to catch up about what you have been reading and thinking about.

· Legal Blogging – Writing and regularly updating the blog on your law firm’s website helps you build a rapport with prospective clients before they even contact you.

Beware of Lead Generation Scams

Beware of marketers who claim that they will sell you leads. They are not lawyers in your practice area; how would they know better than you do which clients you can help and how you can help them? If you insist on giving this strategy a try, then pay per lead instead of per day or month. You might be paying for lead generation and not get any leads. You will be paying for additional marketing that is less effective than the marketing you are already doing.

Hire Legal Content Writers

You can count on Law Blog Writers to create content that will make your law firm’s website make a good impress on the people who read it and the devices from which they access it.


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