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Law Firm Marketing from Home

Now that households and businesses across the country are trimming their budgets in order to deal with the coronavirus pandemic and its economic effects, you might worry that your small law firm will have to dispense with its marketing budget entirely. You may, in fact, need to reduce your marketing budget, but making it easy for prospective new clients to contact your law firm is essential to the survival of your business, and so is making a good impression on prospective clients once they reach your law firm’s website and legal blog.

In his podcast on law firm marketing in the age of coronavirus, Richard Jacobs of Speakeasy Marketing focuses on interactions with prospective clients who, like you, are stuck at home suffering from cabin fever and worrying about their financial future, rather than on SEO to beef up your law firm’s website.

Tips for a Successful Consultation While Working from Home

It is fine if your law firm’s website remains much the same as it was before the coronavirus pandemic. The main difference what happens after a prospective client calls you or fills out a contact form on your site. In the old days, prospective clients used to come to your office for a consultation, or at least you would do phone consultations from your office. Now your only choice is to do phone consultations from home. Here are some ways that you can make virtual consultations a positive experience that will make prospective clients want to hire you:

· If you do not already offer free initial consultations, you should. Otherwise, you will miss out on everyone except the wealthiest clients.

· If possible, hold virtual consultations using a video chat app. Even if you do most of your work in your cluttered bedroom, set up an area of your house as a virtual office for video chat sessions; it can even just be whichever side of your dining room table has the nicest backdrop. Wear your work clothes from the shoulders up.

· Let the initial consultations last longer than your pre-coronavirus consultations did. People are desperate for a human connection with someone outside their immediate family. If you spend an additional ten minutes talking to a prospective client about your pets or your favorite sports team, you are making society more productive, not less.

How Your Website Can Help

Updating your law firm’s blog regularly was important before COVID-19, and it is important now. Your virtual consultations can inform your choice of blog post topics. You can address concerns that prospective clients have raised during your virtual consultations. In other words, you can write about frequently asked questions as you find out about them.

Legal Content Writers

There are only so many hours in a day, even one spent at home, and it is more important for you to communicate directly with clients than to write blog posts. You can count on Law Blog Writers to create blog content that addresses the concerns of your new virtual clients.


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