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Beyond Organic SEO: 3 Cost-Effective Digital Marketing Strategies for the Age of COVID-19

As grocery prices rise and reopening policies bring about a mixture of anxiety and relief, one thing is certain: money is tight. Law firms will have to make every dollar count in their marketing strategies for the next few months. Now is not the time to pay influencers to promote your law firm or to produce expensive videos of client testimonials, but marketing is as important as ever during the COVID-19 pandemic, if not even more important. You must focus on marketing tactics that give you the best return on your investment. The FindLaw marketing blog recommends three digital marketing strategies where you should focus your marketing budget this summer; these directories are a bit more expensive than the laborious process of manipulating your website’s organic SEO rankings, but they make a difference more quickly.

Listing Your Site in Legal Directories

When prospective clients Google your law firm’s practice area and the name of your city, your law firm’s website comes up high in the search rankings, as do your competitors’ sites and some legal directories. Your law firm’s listing on a legal directory can make a good impression on clients, but immediately showing them answers to some of their most pressing questions, such as the following:

· Your practice areas and sub-areas

· Your office locations

· Your hours of operation

· Types of payment accepted

Once clients know that they can reach you and you can answer your questions, they will want to visit your site. Be sure to include a link to your website on the directory listing.

Pay Per Click Ads

Pay per click ads are the very first thing to display after a Google search, above even the best organic results. Because you don’t pay anything except when someone clicks on your ad, they are less expensive than paying for the amount of time your ad displays or the number of times it is viewed, for example.

Chat Platforms on Your Website

During the COVID-19 pandemic, people are alone with their pressing questions, wanting answers, or maybe even just wanting to connect with someone. Enabling a chat platform on your law firm’s website will give prospective clients immediate answers and make them feel that you are listening. Having a contact form on your site is good, especially if you respond promptly to messages you receive through it, but a chat platform does the job even more efficiently.

All of these strategies work best if you use them as adjuncts to a strong organic SEO strategy. Content is still king, and you should still regularly add content to your site, even if you also employ these other strategies.

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