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3 Lawyers Who Need to Keep Updating Their Blogs During the COVID-19 Pandemic More Than Ever

The COVID-19 pandemic has gotten millions of Americans to do what personal finance blogs have been telling them to do for years, namely, cut out non-essential expenses. If the millions of other teleworking professionals across the country are avoiding the drive thru of the Starbucks or McDonald’s that previously was the highlight of the morning commute, isn’t continuing to pay for a steady stream of new content for your law firm’s website a glowing display of chutzpah?

Whether you decide to write your own blog posts or hire a legal blog writing company to write them, updating your blog is one of the most important and effective forms of online marketing for law firms. The feeling of being overwhelmed by so much unstructured time is real; almost everyone is less productive during social distancing than they were before it.

Letting some of your projects slide is inevitable, but people still do Google searches during stay-at-home orders, and your blog is one of the most reliable ways to guide people to your website and your law firm. If any of the following descriptions apply to you, your blog is even more closely tied to the success of your law firm now than before the COVID-19 pandemic.

Criminal Defense Lawyers

COVID-19 in prisons is a potential disaster, since institutions where people are in close quarters enable the virus to spread quickly. Many states are taking measures to keep COVID-19 out of jails and prisons. Judges are sending fewer defendants to prison after a conviction, prosecutors are prosecuting fewer cases, and governors are ordering the release of inmates who are medically vulnerable or who have completed most of their sentence.

Family Law Attorneys

The COVID-19 pandemic is making it impossible for many families to abide by the terms of their parenting plans. If Mom is an emergency room nurse, can the kids just stay with Dad until the curve flattens? If Dad thumbs his nose at social distancing and keeps inviting his buddies over to play video games in the living room, does Mom still have to keep sending the kids to visit them? Some parents can agree on their own on how to deal with co-parenting in the age of COVID-19, but many need the help of a family law attorney.

Business Law Attorneys

Small business owners, vendors, clients, employees, and angel investors everywhere are wondering for the first time if the business contract they signed in 2019 have a force majeure clause and what to do if it doesn’t. You, a business law attorney who knows force majeure laws inside and out, are in a unique position to help them.

You are uniquely qualified to help your clients answer legal questions related to the coronavirus pandemic, but that doesn’t mean you have the superhuman time management skills to write blog content while also working from home as a lawyer. You can count on Law Blog Writers to create blog content to direct your prospective clients to you, the lawyer who can help them.

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Oct 12, 2022

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