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Your Law Firm’s Website Is the Cure for America’s Social Distancing Blues

Like most lawyers in the country, you are probably working at home this month. Officially recommended, and in some cases mandated, social distancing is making millions of introverts realize how much they appreciate human companionship.

As the inhabitants of many of the nation’s largest cities are under orders to work from home and to stay six feet away from other human beings at all times, the Internet’s role as people’s connection to other individuals and to society as a whole has only grown more prominent. While you are working from home, you can use your modest amount of additional free time to adapt your law firm’s website to the spirit of the times and make your digital marketing strategy address your prospective clients’ current needs and concerns. Just what are your prospective clients doing online these days, now that they can no longer socialize or collaborate in public?

Social Media: A Reminder That the World Outside Still Exists

Before the coronavirus outbreak, people used to complain that social media distracted them from their work and families and gave them an inferiority complex, but now that so many of us are stuck at home, it feels like a lifeline. Everyone from seasoned social media influencers to people whose previous participation was limited to liking and sharing other posts is sharing their experiences in the form of texts, memes, and videos. It is a way of staying connected in an age of forced isolation. If your law firm does not already have a social media presence, now is the time to establish one; it is a great way to engage with the public and let them know that you are still there.

Googling Their Worries

People have been Googling their worries since long before the novel coronavirus COVID-19 was first detected in humans, and your keyword strategy is probably already based in part on the problems people worry about that your practice area can fix. You have probably already addressed blog posts like “can my ex garnish my paycheck for child support,” “punishment for drug possession,” and “how to remove a partner from a business.” Perusing social media will give you a good idea of what to blog about now to hold readers’ attention. From germophobia-discordant co-parents to disputes over scarce toilet paper, you can find out all about your prospective clients’ current worries and frustrations on the Internet.

Reevaluating Their Priorities

Today, the Internet is buzzing with advice on short-term distractions to pass the time in quarantine and think pieces on how the COVID-19 pandemic will cause lasting changes in society. People who are thinking about going to law school, thinking about trying to expunge their criminal record, and thinking about getting a divorce are Googling, and if you follow the right marketing strategy, they can land on your site. Abundant, informative content can lead readers to your site and make them stay, and when they are finished reading your site, they will think of you as an authority in your field.

Contact Law Blog Content Writers

If you need to spend your social distancing days working communicating with your current clients and keeping your kids focused on their online classes, you can entrust your content marketing strategy to professional writers. You can count onLaw Blog Writers to create web content to give your prospective clients guidance even in the most trying of times.


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