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Why You Should Publish Good News on Your Law Firm Blog

In an era where our phones bombard us with alerts, it is hard even to check the time on your phone, or to grab your phone with the intention of calling your mother and telling her you are thinking of her, without getting bombarded with bad news. Every time you open your computer to do some work, you end up inadvertently finding out that the new COVID-19 infections in your state are increasing even more quickly and that you will again have to revise your childcare plans for the fall.

Sometimes you have to go looking for good news on the Internet just to get the bad news out of your mind so that you can focus on your work. Your prospective clients are probably experiencing the same thing, and your law firm’s blog just might be the solution. One of the functions of your blog, and in fact a very effective law firm marketing tactic, is to give prospective clients and casual readers alike a glimpse of the world beyond their general Weltschmerz and beyond the problem that led them to your blog in the first place.

Encouragement, Not Advertising

According to Dr. Larry Richard, a lawyer and psychologist, lawyers should seek out good news in order to reduce their stress levels and to avoid burnout. He wrote this in a blog post less than a month after the COVID-19 pandemic quarantine began, and lawyers and their prospective clients are even more stressed than they were back in April. What does this have to do with your blog, though? The last thing you need is a little voice in your head telling you “you should be blogging more” to go along with the ones guilt tripping you about the fact that you are not exercising, decluttering, appreciating the opportunity to spend time with your children, and supporting local small businesses as much as you should.

The target audience of your law firm’s blog needs good news just as much as you do. Your blog is the ideal venue to share encouraging news or even your own encouraging interpretation of the law. You would not have become a lawyer unless you had some optimism that the law could solve problems. Here are some examples of good news that you can share on your blog:

· A new law or policy that could benefit your target audience (such as a tax credit for small business owners or for the parents of minor children, if you practice small business law or family law)

· A study that shows promise for a new treatment for a common work injury or occupational disease, if you are a workers’ compensation lawyer

· A case summary highlighting how a certain law protects a certain right of your prospective clients

· A study with encouraging findings about the long-term outcomes of people who have been in a similar situation to your clients, such as people who had to change careers after a work injury

In other words, the purpose of your blog is not just to tell clients that you are great; it is to tell them that the world is not as bad as they think it is.

Good News for Lawyers Who Are Too Busy to Blog

The best news of all is that you do not have to write all of this encouraging content by yourself. Contact Law Blog Writers about producing upbeat legal blog content to help get your target audience and your law firm through the pandemic.


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