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Quarantined Teleworkers and Your Law Firm’s Blog: A Match Made in Interesting Times

As state and local authorities attempt to curb the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus, many lawyers in all 50 states will work from home for the next few weeks. Meanwhile, people in many other professions will also be stuck at home, some with instructions to telecommute and something with nothing to do but worry. You are in the same boat as millions of other Americans in that, if only because you do not have to commute to work for the next few weeks, you can spend the time that used to be your commute doing things that you have been wanting to do but have not had time.

The COVID-19 Pandemic and Your Practice Area

If you have ever used an analytics tool to observe trends in search engine queries, it is obvious to you how the COVID-19 outbreak has affected trending search queries. After people Google coronavirus symptoms and check updates on the number of cases in their area, they starting searching for legal questions about how the coronavirus and the public health response to it will affect them personally. These are some common questions that family law attorneys can answer on their blogs:

· Should my ex pay for childcare when schools are closed?

· What happens to visitation if one parent is quarantined?

· How to increase child support if I get laid off

· Does the court base the value of your investments on the date the divorce was filed or finalized?

· Parenting time for grandparents on [your state] parenting plan

Likewise, if you are an employment lawyer, you can attract traffic to your blog by adding posts about workers’ protections from being laid off because of changes in business operations related to the COVID-19 outbreak. If your law firm deals with personal injury or workers’ compensation cases, you might respond to questions about the remedies available to workers if they get exposed to COVID-19 while performing essential duties of their jobs. The effect of the COVID-19 outbreak on employment and childcare is raising important questions at the legislative level, and you do not have all the answers. Now, more than ever, though, prospective clients have time to read your site and take action on legal problems that have been plaguing them since before the first COVID-19 case was confirmed in the United States. Now is the ideal time to show readers you are listening and can help them.

Help Writing Your Law Firm Blog

You might decide to devote the two-hour period that used to be your commute to getting in shape or decluttering your house instead of writing blog posts. You can count on Law Blog Writers to take readers’ minds off of their germophobia and existential dread and help them focus on solutions that you can help them achieve.


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