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Lawyers Discuss Law Firm Marketing Strategies That Work for Them

Small law firms need to make every penny of their marketing budgets count. You are wise to research digital marketing firms that work exclusively with law firms. These law firm marketing companies offer a variety of services, but which serves are the ones that will help your law firm the most? Just reading the lists of services on marketing companies’ websites might leave you with the feeling that there are too many choices. Joe Galotti interviewed lawyers from various practice areas about the marketing strategies that have made the biggest difference for them.

Video Content on YouTube

Gerry is a medical malpractice lawyer in New York state. Several years ago, he made a video about his law firm and posted it on YouTube to see whether it would really generate leads. He got so many calls in response to the first video that he decided to post more.

Law Firm Podcasts

Jay, a criminal defense lawyer in Connecticut, says that his podcasts have brought an influx of new clients. He adds that it is important to add new episodes of your podcast regularly; too many lawyers abandon their podcast projects after just a few episodes.

A Bio That Makes You Sound Like a Real Professional

Jeremy is an attorney in Alabama; his practice areas include construction law and transportation law. He finds that a lawyer’s bio on his or her law firm’s website makes all the difference. According to Jeremy, your bio should contain many details about you, mostly about your studies and the kinds of cases you have worked on. Your bio should show what makes you unique and make clients feel like they know you, while keeping a professional tone.

A Presence on the Right Social Media Platforms

Amy, a marketing professional from Minnesota, says that law firms should not spread themselves too thin trying to keep up an active presence on all the social media platforms. Instead, you should choose one or two platforms that are most popular with your prospective clients. For example, if you work on employment discrimination cases, you should choose LinkedIn; people who are unhappy at their jobs because they are being treated unfairly are likely to be active on professional networking sites. If you are a family law attorney, choose Facebook or Instagram; divorced parents of minor children are likely to be on those sites connecting with friends and family or looking for ideas about how to entertain their children on a shoestring budget.

Nothing Beats a Great Blog

No matter your practice area, a blog is one of the most tried and true ways to make your law firm visible to prospective clients. The mere existence of a regularly updated blog boosts or SEO rankings, and shareable posts help you attract new clients by building your reputation. Hiring professional writers to create blog content is a wise decision.

Contact Law Blog Writers about adding blogging as a component of your digital marketing strategy.


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