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Law Firms Social Media Ideas for COVID-19 Pandemic

Regularly updating your blog, rain or shine, is important to your law firm website’s SEO rankings and credibility. Some content marketing experts will tell you to post evergreen content on your blog, and some will advise you to refer to current events in your blog posts. In the curre

nt crisis, when your target audience has more time than ever to read blogs, your law firm’s blog may or may not be the place to talk about the coronavirus pandemic and the stay-at-home orders, but social media definitely is. Social media posts can be light-hearted or even gimmicky and still fulfill their function.

There is no such thing as an evergreen social media post, whether it is on Facebook, Twitter, or any other platform. The purpose of posting on social media is to remind your audience that you exist and, ideally, to inspire them to share your posts, thereby reminding others that you exist. These are some ideas for social media posts to help your current and future clients pass the time until the stay-at-home orders end.

Social Media Posts to Engage Your Stuck-at-Home Audience

Every blog post should contain a lesson about the laws o your practice area, but the same does not apply for social media posts. If a social media post makes your readers smile, it has done its job. (Some social media posts do their job by making readers angry, but that is not advisable for law firm social media campaigns.) If your post elicits responses from readers, such as by actively asking for responses, even better. Here are some recommendations from LegalPedia for posts on your law firm’s social media account:

· Post about your daily schedule as a stay-at-home lawyer. Invite readers to post their daily schedules.

· Share photos of your pets, with law-related captions. For example, if you post a video of your dog eating the food from its bowl followed by the food from your other dog’s bowl, you might say, “Rover has a thing or two to learn about equitable distribution.”

· If you are a personal injury lawyer, ask readers to share stories about how the settlement money they received changed their lives or what they spent it on, besides medical bills. For example, if clients received compensation for noneconomic damages, they might say that they used it to train and qualify for a career they could do in their current state of health, or that they opened a college savings fund for their grandchildren.

· Ask your audience to share their pet peeves about something related to your practice area, such as co-parenting or filing for workers’ compensation.

Legal Content Writing Help

It is much easier to write social media posts while practicing law from home than it is to research and write legal blog posts for your law firm’s website. You can count on Law Blog Writers to create evergreen blog content, posts that refer to today’s news, and anything in between.


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