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Building Client Loyalty: A Guide for Law Firms

Chances are, you have been buying the same brand of laundry detergent your whole adult life, and it is probably the same brand that your parents used to buy when you were a child. This is an example of brand loyalty, and brand loyalty is a powerful way to ensure the success of their business.

Even as the COVID-19 pandemic drags on, and news reports say that the U.S. economy has had one of its worst quarters in history, millions of Americans continue to buy their favorite laundry detergent, even when switching to store brand detergent or making homemade detergent (there must be YouTube videos about how to do this) would be less expensive. Of course, legal services are not laundry detergent, and generating repeat business is not as simple as waiting for the next laundry day to roll around. You need a legal content writing strategy that aims not only at attracting new clients but also at keeping your existing clients coming back to you whenever they need a lawyer’s services.

Step One: Decide Which Clients Are Keepers

Steve Fretzin of Practice Panther recommends ranking your existing clients according to how much value they would have as repeat clients. These are some factors that make a client a keeper:

· You get along well with the client

· You and the client have referred each other to other professional contacts or could potentially do so

· The client is likely to need legal services in your practice areas in the future

Meanwhile, if a client habitually resists paying you or is generally difficult to deal with, this counts against the client’s value as a repeat client. This might sound like a lot of work, but it is actually six times as much work to bring in a new client as to bring back an existing one.

Following Up with Existing Clients

The best way to maintain a relationship with existing clients is just to communicate with them. Email or call them and ask how things are going with them. It may be that you have done so well that they don’t need your services anymore (for example, maybe a personal injury client got the settlement she needed and is now able to work). Even if what the clients tell you is not all good news, it will give you valuable insights into what to do differently in the future. Best of all, you are showing that you care.

The Role of Your Blog in Generating Client Loyalty

Having clients sign up to have new blog posts delivered directly to their inbox can keep reminding them of you so that they will choose you if they need your services again. Blogs are also a reliable way of bringing in new clients, who can turn into repeat clients.

Great Legal Content Is the First Step to Client Loyalty

Contact Law Blog Writers about having our expert legal writers generate engaging, custom-written content for your law firm’ blog or email newsletter.

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